Steel Fabrication & Demolition

We provide the best Stainless works, Steel fabrication, and Demolition work services in Dubai.


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Metal Fabrication & Demolition Work

AK steelwork company based in Umm al Quwain, Dubai provides the best steelwork services thought out the UAE.
Our Steelwork services include Stainless Steel work, structural steel work like steel Gate manufacturing, Steel shades, and Stainless steel fabrication. Moreover, metalwork, turning works, aluminum, powder coating, interior design, and welding are excellent uses of our service.
Responding swiftly, safely, and effectively to customer needs is our seasoned team’s forte. We offer original, non-traditional designs for contemporary interiors, furniture, and commercial displays.
Fabrication for a variety of projects in different sectors including commercial, residential and industrial are an excellent use of our service.
We provide construction services for homes, offices, bridges, restaurants, worship places, and showrooms.
Demolition Work:
We are fully conversant with single to multi-storey towers from congested to open regions and are well knowledgeable in all types of demolition.

Our Steel Work Services

Mild Metal Fabrication

By designing, cutting, bending, twisting, and assembling steelworks, we provide ductile, weldable, reasonable, and magnetic mild steel fabrication used for table bases, footrests bar stools, and outdoor furniture in various shapes, sizes, and construction.

Structural Steel Work

We support stainless-structural metalwork for residences, airline hangars, metro stations, stadiums, and bridges. We provide steel fabrications like tubes, beams, channels for Candelabra, steel-Gate manufacturing, rail supports, water fountains, and door locksets.

Architectural Steel Fabrication

We provide innovative architectural steel fabrication that brings together the best attributes of UAE builders, interior designers, and architects. Our team excels in offering customers contemporary style and affordable solutions.

Electroplating Fabricaton

For corrosion resistance, ease of cleanliness, and deterioration prematurely, we offer the electroplating technique for steelwork, which comprises chrome plating and metal plating applications with effective quality.

Powder Coating Metal Paint

We provide non-toxic, less flammable, and corrosion-resistant metal painting and powder coating, which fuses a dry powder to the metal’s surface and is more durable, water-resistant, and robust than traditional liquid paints.

Brass and Aluminum Work

In addition to sturdy, adaptable, and non-corrosive aluminum fabrication for military, aerospace, commercial, and residential applications, we offer anti-bacterial, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting Brass fabrication for modern homes both indoors and outdoors.

Our Demolition Services

We are fully conversant with single to multi storey towers from congested to open regions and are well knowledgeable in all types of demolition.


We offer demolition such as residential & Commercial buildings of multi-story, warehouses, concrete Water tanks, petrol stations, bridges, Underground parking, Piles caps, and entrance gates with a highly qualified team in UAE responding in a safe, cost-effective, and timely manner.


We follow and complete the meticulous deconstruction of building components according to the rigorous safety standards established by the Dubai municipality. We are experienced and certified to perform this.

Site Clearance

In accordance with Dubai Municipality safety rules, we offer our clients site clearance and excavation services to get the site ready for its planned future use, which could be construction or landscaping. We quickly and efficiently remove any pointless obstacles.

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